The Gospel and Ruth


The book of Ruth is a favorite for many women, especially young single ones, for good reason. What could be more romantic than the story of a young woman who finds herself far from home, […]

The Centrality of the Word in Discipleship


As I counsel others and engage in gospel-centered discipleship, I am sometimes distracted away from the Word, God’s self-expression in the form of the Bible itself. Someone struggles to feel a personal relationship with God, […]

What is the Gospel?

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The descriptor gospel-centered is becoming a bit of a buzz word. If you ask 25 people what it means, you are likely to get 30 different answers. When we use the phrase at this website, […]

A Woman’s Calling

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The Gospel-Centered Woman is all about the gospel.  And we are particularly about the gospel for women.  But it’s good every so often to remember that the gospel isn’t a starting point as much as […]

The Case for Women Deacons

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My denomination, among a number of conservative churches, is considering the role of women in the church from a new perspective. After years of debate around what women can’t do in the church, particularly around […]

The Gospel and the Major Prophets

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Years ago, I was asked to teach on Jesus and His kingdom in the Old Testament. There were a few other teachers, and the books of the Old Testament were divided among us. One got […]

Review: Sensing Jesus by Zack Eswine

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Sensing Jesus: Life and Ministry as a Human Being by Zack Eswine “What if the ordinary is the larger mountain?” I have wanted to review this book for the last 6 months, but the ordinary […]

Pornography and Gospel Community

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A version of this post was originally posted at Practical Theology for Women.  In light of the Ashley Madison leak, here is some practical help for ministry leaders walking with those struggling with pornography. One […]

Sometimes I Still Have Nightmares


Ami Atkins is a former Kindergarten teacher turned developmental therapist. Her world was turned upside down when her dear husband died unexpectedly in January of 2013. She began writing at as a 30 year […]

Meditations for Those Waiting and Enduring

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The Gospel-Centered Woman is offering another booklet in the Four Weeks series.  These booklets are designed to assist those ministering in local churches who need a resource for those they are discipling or counseling.  The […]

Good News for Those Returning to School

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In Northern Virginia where I live, August is known as the month of dreadful, oppressive heat and humidity. But while I can handle more pool days, I don’t handle nearly as well the hectic Back-to-School […]