Pornography and Gospel Community

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A version of this post was originally posted at Practical Theology for Women.  In light of the Ashley Madison leak, here is some practical help for ministry leaders walking with those struggling with pornography. One […]

Fight Like a Girl


In December, we published Hannah Anderson’s post, Teach Like a Girl, which explored our femininity as a gift, not a detriment to the Body of Christ. Oddly enough, Hannah had this insight before the Super […]

What Are Women’s Bodies For (Part 2)


( Part 1 . . .) When people talk about the events described in Genesis 3, two particular plot points inevitably come up for question. The biggest one is obviously the conversation with a talking […]

What are Women’s Bodies For?


With the opening of the infamous 50 Shades of Grey movie now imminent, Christian voices speaking out about the sin the movie celebrates and the toxic messages of abuse it promotes are growing in number […]

What Would You Study?

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I have been thinking about books I would use if I were mapping out a two year plan for quarterly women’s book studies. I have participated in many such studies and have enjoyed that format […]

Teach Like a Girl


I recently discovered a book that is a collection of vignettes about the women of the New Testament. I was prepping for our women’s Bible study at church and like any good teacher (who is […]