Why Local Women’s Discipleship?

Why should pastors proactively disciple women in their congregations? Thabiti Anyabwile’s opening exhortation to pastors.

Who is discipling the women in your churches?  On Mommy Blogs.

The spiraling process of women’s discipleship.

Pastors, do you permit women to do the bare minimum in your churches, or do you pursue them and equip them in every way God allows? 

Recommendations for a 2 year, 4 quarter per year plan of women’s studies spiraling through the gospel and our image bearing identity in Christ. 

Beyond mommy blogs, we need to think through local church discipleship of women.

What assumptions of women do you, Pastor, bring, to your interactions with them?

One thought on “Why Local Women’s Discipleship?

  1. I am excited and fascinated to discover your website! The remark you made about how mommy blogs are discipling are women helped me to bring more clarity to my mission as I make plans for restructuring my website. I am and always have been a discipler, a teacher — of the gospel. I have written three Bible studies published by P&R on Learning, Living, and Loving in God’s Story of Grace. I’d love to offer some articles here as well.

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