The Gospel and Ruth

The book of Ruth is a favorite for many women, especially young single ones, for good reason. What could be more romantic than the story of a young woman who finds herself far from home, […]

The Centrality of the Word in Discipleship

As I counsel others and engage in gospel-centered discipleship, I am sometimes distracted away from the Word, God’s self-expression in the form of the Bible itself. Someone struggles to feel a personal relationship with God, […]

What is the Gospel?

The descriptor gospel-centered is becoming a bit of a buzz word. If you ask 25 people what it means, you are likely to get 30 different answers. When we use the phrase at this website, […]

The Gospel and Traditional Marriage

Traditional marriage and evangelical celebrity culture have collided the last week. I often think that the evangelical church has missed some important needs and opportunities around the topic of marriage and its role in God’s […]

A Woman's Calling

The Gospel-Centered Woman is all about the gospel.  And we are particularly about the gospel for women.  But it’s good every so often to remember that the gospel isn’t a starting point as much as […]