A New Resource on the Love of God

Recently, a friend shared with me about her year of meditating on Scriptures around the love of God through Christ. I was intrigued by that idea and entered my own study of Scripture, looking up verse after verse around the key phrase, the steadfast love of God. As I studied these Scriptures, I thought of ways to make such a study easy and accessible to others struggling with faith and fear, sin and doubt. I wanted to organize verses in such a way that it would be easy to share with someone struggling deeply. And I wanted it not just to be easy to share, but also easy to read and digest for the one who receives it.

The result is this small four week study entitled The Steadfast Love of God. There are 5 readings a week for four weeks. Each reading includes a page to write out reflections on the reading. I hope this small journal-type booklet will make it easy to saturate ourselves in the love of God. After all, we love Him because He first loved us (I John 4:19). His love for us precedes everything.

I have noted over my years of ministry that many, many women have not had a father figure in their lives who loved them unconditionally. I also know it is uncanny all that we project onto God based on our experience with our fallen earthly fathers. The first line of defense from doubting God’s faithful love for His children because of disappointing life experiences is to read the Word of God that says it over and over again – God’s love for His children is steadfast. It perseveres. He loves us to the very end. In my experience, saturation in the truth of this love is foundational for a life of faith.

Here is the back blurb from the booklet:

Shame and selfTHUMBNAIL_IMAGE-condemnation keep many believers locked in painful places, unable to look into the mirror spiritually for fear of being undone by their sins and failures. We need to face our sin and failures head on, but before we can, we need to first know the steadfast love of our Father in heaven that equips us to look at such sin and failure without them defining who we are or how God relates to us. If this struggle sounds familiar, come on this simple four week journey through God’s Word concerning His steadfast love for His children, a love that never gives up and never fails.

We want to offer this booklet as a free download that churches can print off as a resource for counseling/discipling ministries. If you, like me, prefer a hard copy, here is a link to buy one.

Please use code MQ4BUYCS to receive 50% off any order of hard copies.


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  1. I was reading this on the blog as it came in, which is without author name. I thought, “This sounds like Wendy.” Went to the website and indeed, I was correct. Thanks, Wendy, for another piece of published literature. Will make for a great personal study and a wonderful gift to give!

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