Fight Like a Girl

In December, we published Hannah Anderson’s post, Teach Like a Girl, which explored our femininity as a gift, not a detriment to the Body of Christ. Oddly enough, Hannah had this insight before the Super Bowl #Likeagirl ad campaign.

“Do not believe that you must adopt a masculine voice or be something other than you are to be heard. At the same time, do not hide behind your femininity; do not give yourself a pass for sloppy work or careless study because you are “a woman” and less may be expected of you in theological circles. You must do the work because, in the end, logic, clarity, and beauty are not masculine concerns but human ones.”

A new message is up by Jen Wilkin that is an excellent, powerful exhortation in similar fashion. Jen was addressing a group of college women on the topic of how they should view their importance as women to the church. Her main point was this:

Women, you are not an afterthought. What you contribute to the mission of the church is not of secondary importance.

She talked about the female empowerment message of the “Like a Girl” ad that ran during the Super Bowl, noting that female empowerment messages transcend Super Bowl ad campaigns. The Bible, in fact, paints a compelling picture of what it means to fight like a girl.

Jen says on her blog, “This is a message given by a female to a female audience, so it covers some ground you might never hear preached from a pulpit. But that’s exactly why women teaching women is such a needed layer of discipleship. If you’re a guy, don’t let that scare you from listening along. If the church is to embrace a strong vision of womanhood, both men and women will need to value it.”

You can watch or listen to the 35-minute message here. We highly recommend it here at The Gospel-Centered Woman.

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