Meditations for Those Waiting and Enduring

The Gospel-Centered Woman is offering another booklet in the Four Weeks series.  These booklets are designed to assist those ministering in local churches who need a resource for those they are discipling or counseling.  The first booklet on the steadfast love of God is helpful for those struggling with a basic trust of God.  This second booklet is helpful to those who are weary waiting on God to resolve suffering or trial in their lives.

From the back cover:

Few believers need to be talked into wanting God’s kingdom to come and His will to be done on earth. Instead, much of our struggle in life is tied to the fact that we are still waiting to see all things reconciled to Him. We may be waiting for physical healing. We may long for spiritual healing for a loved one who has walked away from the faith. We may be waiting on reconciliation with another believer or justice for one who has been sinned against and forgotten. These all reflect godly longings. They remind us that God created us for something better. Yet, He calls us to persevere as we wait to see His redemption of all things to Himself. If you find yourself in a season of waiting on the Lord, come on this four week journey through Scripture and hear God’s Word to you on persevering in faith.


As with The Steadfast Love of God, you can download a free PDF here.  Or you can order a hard copy using this link.  Please enter coupon code MQ4BUYCS to receive 50% off your order of hard copies.  You can also order them from Amazon, but we are unable to offer a coupon code for something purchased through them.



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