Pornography and Gospel Community

A version of this post was originally posted at Practical Theology for Women.  In light of the Ashley Madison leak, here is some practical help for ministry leaders walking with those struggling with pornography. One […]

Good News for Those Returning to School

In Northern Virginia where I live, August is known as the month of dreadful, oppressive heat and humidity. But while I can handle more pool days, I don’t handle nearly as well the hectic Back-to-School […]

Grace upon Grace

“You are under no obligation to God,” the speaker’s words rung out through the hotel ballroom. I was surrounded by women, all busily taking notes and listening with rapt attention, but I couldn’t get past […]

What Would You Study?

I have been thinking about books I would use if I were mapping out a two year plan for quarterly women’s book studies. I have participated in many such studies and have enjoyed that format […]

Gospel and Judges

The events in the book of Judges occur between the death of Joshua and the birth of Samuel and kingship of Saul. In the book, God’s children long for good leadership. “Since the conquest of […]

The Gospel and Leviticus

For a quick survey of the gospel in Leviticus, check out Four Things that Happen When You Study Leviticus for More than Ten Years and listen to John Haralson’s message on Leviticus 9.  John is […]

Living the Gospel-Centered Life

Over the last decade, the term “gospel” has taken a prominent place in our theological conversations. Yet, ironically, the more we talk about the gospel, the easier it can be for us to misunderstand what […]

What is the Gospel?

The descriptor gospel-centered is becoming a bit of a buzz word. If you ask 25 people what it means, you are likely to get 30 different answers. When we use the phrase at this website, […]